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Here you will find snippets of information about each story I currently have written on the site. Clicking on the book cover will take you directly to the book page where you can add the title to your library and leave reviews.


Mouse and Cat ~ * * * * ½

For years she was abused by her uncle, a man with power and no soul, a dark secret she had to hide from everyone through the fear he brought upon her. She then ran away from home, gone without a trace losing everyone and everything that mattered to her. Now years later Sophia is returning to end the nightmare that she has been living for the last ten years.


~ Good revenge story with an open ending. Makes you wonder what happened after.


~ A quick interesting read from Ben Kalcher.

A very entertaining read from a new author to me who I would be very happy to read more of.


The Dead Crow  ~ * * * * ½


A man wakes to find his wife and unborn child have been taken. Obsessed with gaining revenge on those that caused him harm, Dr William Blackmore seeks out those involved in the taking of his wife, Charlotte. With the help of a stranger and a concoction of sleep-preventing tonics to aid his cause, he sets about righting those wrongs.


The story is told through the eyes of Dr William Blackmore, retelling the events that have taken him to his present moment where he comes to terms with how he gathered information. Along the way he discovers some haunting truths that he wished he’d never found out: his wife hiding a dark secret that may have lead to her demise.


Obsession can be a curse

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Trust No One ~ * * * ½


How can you trust someone that you've met online? Someone you've been talking to for only a month? Someone you've never actually met in person? What if that person wasn't interested in you but someone you hold dear? Someone like your daughter?




~ Makes you really think about social sites online


~ Good short story. Worth reading!




A Dead Cold Night ~ * * * ½


The coldest of winter nights, a scene of a robbery and a cold blooded murder in plain sight of officer Jenny Blackman. Hidden and unarmed she feels powerless until the killer escapes into the snowy night. In pursuit Jenny must stop the killer escaping and bring them to justice. But how well does she know the killer?


~ It was a very fast read and it was pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

The Voice ~ * * *


How far would you go for someone you loved? Would you kill for them? Damien is dealt that decision. Kill a corrupt politician to save his wife from having the same fate.


With time ticking and pressure from a man known only as the Voice, Damien must decide whether he could kill another man to save the love of his life.

The Devil's Dirt Road ~ * * * ½



Once every so often it wakes to feed. Once every so often an unsuspecting soul is lured to its home. The year is 1839 and it is about to eat again.


Detectives Cartwright and Watts are on the case of a missing woman. They know where she is, and they know that no one has ever come back alive. This is one case they may wish they avoided.



Whiskey ~ * * * *


Jack Hayes believes he has the perfect life. A loving wife and a secluded cabin an hour's drive from Red Bluff, California. The setting is perfect for a loving couple, but all is not as perfect as he believes. His wife is prone to disappearing all the time without notice or cause and it's not until one stormy July night that she delivers the truth about the last ten years of his life- a realisation he isn't going to be prepared for.


There comes a time when we all lose our minds


~ Well written. It's a very melancholy story, but I think it was well done. Short stories are hard to build a lot of character in, but I think this one did well enough with that.

Dear Jane ~ * * * * *

1944, the world is at war. Loved ones remain at home as Husbands, fathers,sons and brothers fight for freedom in World War 2. The only way of communication back home was via V Mail. For most back home, one of their biggest fears was a letter confirming the death of a loved one from another loved one. Less


Dear Jane is a short story set as a letter sent home from the front line. Jane's fiancé and brother were deployed to England to help liberate France and the rest of fallen Europe. On one of the first missions Jane's, fiancé Joe, was hit by a sniper just outside of Saint-Mere-Eglise. Will, Jane's brother had the duty to send a letter home explaining what happened.


Play By The Rules ~  * * * * *


On the surface he has a happy life and is on the verge of a dream career as a writer. Below the surface he has been unfaithful to his wife and his son has gone of the rails turning to drink and drugs. And now his life has taken a course that not even his worst nightmares could throw up, his wife and son have been taken as a punishment for the mistakes he has made.


Alex Carter must now kill to save his family whilst trying to stay alive himself. The kidnapper, a Russian, communicates through a cassette player. He has set the rules and Alex must follow them or his wife and son will be killed.

©Ben Kalcher 2017

©Ben Kalcher 2017